Saturday, November 23, 2013

Segue Into a Good Cause

If I didn't mention it before I'm a teacher and hearing of a colleague in a rough   patch really makes me want to help out. The following was shared by Mark  Chance who I follow on Google +

I'm Mark Chance, owner and sole employee of <a
href="">Spes Magna Games</a>. For my day job, I teach
5th grade at <a href="">Aristoi Classical
Academy</a>, a small classical liberal arts charter public school in Katy,
Texas. Being a charter school in Texas, we do not receive the full funding
from the state that a traditional public school receives. (For example, we
receive no monies for facilities.) Consequently, my salary at Aristoi is
thousands of dollars a year lower than it would be in a traditional public
school. Now, mind you, I'm not complaining; I'm simply informing by way of
a preface.

One of my fellow teachers, who has fewer years experience than I, has hit
a difficult patch. Rick and his wife have three daughters, ranging from
elementary school to high school. They live in a rough neighborhood. His
house has been burgled more than once. One of his daughters has been a
victim of violence. Rick needs to get his family out of that neighborhood,
but moving, as I'm sure you all know, requires money.

I want to help my friend and co-worker, and I figured that Spes Magna
Games might be a good way to do this. For the entire month of November
until the end of 2013, 100% of my Spes Magna sales will be donated to Rick
to help him get his family to a safer neighborhood. <a
the link to my on-line catalog at DriveThruRPG</a>.

Thanks for your help!

-- Mark L. Chance |

I've bought and read 'That's a Goblin!?' by Mark. He does good stuff. The supplement is $3.00. In 21 pages you get two dozen new mutations/variations on your typical goblin ranging from the deadly (fangs/bite attack) to the surprising (wall crawlers) to the gross (beer gut and rasp tongue no more need be said.) The supplement also has a section on fey goblins who can have all sort of magical powers and seem more suited for midlevel adventurers. Imagine a murder of crows suddenly morphing into savage goblins at twilight. There are also some more down to earth subspecies to play with like arboreal or littoral goblins for a change of pace. Finally the supplement provides background and npcs for a small hamlet, Reyr's Well, that is suffering from mysterious attacks that only your party can stop. It's a good starter adventure with some sleuthing, fighting and an original foe. Check it out on the link above. I intend on using some of the ideas in my own campaign.