Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cats and Dolphins

C.M.O. All this schooling and I’m writing a report on the effects of mac and cheese on a gender changing frog’s stomach. Which it turns out is not so good when ingested on top of various insects and a slow moving Chinch.

Riasi: Dolphin!!

C.M.O.: Riasi?! What are you doing here? You’re a sight for sore ... whoa hey! Oof! Ummm ... m’okaaaaaay! Dial it back a notch. These beds are for medical purposes only. Seriously ... I’d need Tivk to recalibrate the whole thing with what you have in mind ... That IS what you have in mind?

Riasi: You inferred correctly. I will settle for delayed gratification. Sorry. I had a week of stroking that pig Korsa’s ego. It’s nice to see a friendly face that doesn’t look at me like I’m a pork chop.

C.M.O.: ... what’d the pig do? Does he need a lesson in manners?

Riasi: You are hardly a credible threat to Korsa. Sorry.

C.M.O.: Who said I was going to do it? The Chief owes me one. 

Riasi: Enough of Korsa. I am not here to speak of Korsa or really do much talking ...


Mukh: Hey Doc!

C.M.O.: Son of a mother...