Friday, May 22, 2015


Edit: So the best question so far is from Kyrinn S. Eis  who asks why I don't have a link to all the Question related posts? Here you go gentle readers.

I wrote far more on that toxic meme than I expected; which is a little scary in itself. I wonder ... Anyway back to the musings of a wise phrog.

So many questions.

Is the Question really sentient as some say? Can it be modified? If it is sentient it could perhaps be persuaded or threatened to  change its behavior. It is not terribly successful right now as most of its victims are left drooling and contemplating. I don't know what.

It may be alive or act like it is alive but its behavior is more like a virus. It infects and turns its hosts into factories for producing more virus, more infection. It is very detrimental to its hosts.

Was it a weapon? Did someone devise meme technology? What would even be involved in that? Such memes would likely change the minds creating them. It'd be like a computer rebuilding itself while it was running.

Maybe we are all uplifted or created in some way and the creators left a backdoor in our programming so to speak in case we proved troublesome. That raises more questions. The many races have some very different tweaks in their thought processes. Would comparing all the common ground in our minds lead us down a dark stream.

Why does it drive the Slugs and the bean poles mad? Are they connected? Do they have similar thought processes?

What about our possible makers or modifiers? Did their meme failsafe turn  on them or are they out there waiting for us to draw too close?

I don't want to ask these questions. But sometimes I feel something scratching at the back of my mind. It's just a little nagging uncertainty. It is bigger at some times than others.

I don't want to end up with dumbots for company on a station that is built around a gigaboom.