Monday, January 9, 2017

Universal Docking Ports Part 2

Ahem in case anyone out there has learned to tune out the ads on these blogs (I have): Notice! The ad to the right refers to my new game company and the book is written by yours truly! Thank you. now back to the post.

This post refers to the previous one go take a look if you haven't seen it.

I suggested a docking 'ring' that was a pair of extendable metal sleeves that could fit most androgynously designed rings. Provided they were the same size. I came up with this this morning after reading some comments (thank you Evyn MacDude).

As you can see this has not one ring (actually cylinders that extend from the hull) but four of various sizes. One of them is going to fit! It extends from the hull, then extends its flanges on the inside of the ring. Then that gray gooey looking bumper, which is actually kevlar inflates and seals the ring against the hull around the foreign airlock.

Check the seal, then to be sure send the last crew to piss you off into the airlock with a couple rolls of vacc tape to make sure cylinder the seal is really good. Give them a spacesuit if you're feeling generous though sending crew in shirtsleeves to tape up the lock does motivate. It's a bit sturdier than the kevlar tube approach. On the other hand it's harder to disconnect. You could just pull away and say F*** the tube. It's disposable. This is an investment in metal and machinery. 

Note crew using this arrangement might feel a little safer than those in a kevlar boarding tube. 

If you're dealing with, say uplifted squirrel monkeys, some difficulties may still result from using their airlock. At least now you have a relatively safe spot to cut a bigger hole.

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