Friday, October 21, 2016

Long Range Desert Grotesque

As the Allied forces in North Africa began successful operations against the Afrika Corps the Axis command decided to think out of the box. Due the difficulties of resupply across the Mediterranean a local source of reinforcements was investigated by Ahnenerbe specialists and S.S. wizards. The circles were drawn, the tanna leaves brewed, and the rites performed in forgotten tombs.

The new recruits were tireless, superhumanly strong and needed no food or water. They traveled with surprising speed over the desert dunes on their bandage wrapped feet in a stride that never faltered

Lesser mummies vary greatly in strength and capabilities and may have from 2 to 4 hit dice. Unlike most undead they have no fear of sunlight. They take only half damage from bullet or explosions since they no longer have working internal organs. Their bandages provide two points of armor per hit die. Fire is their greatest weakness. Any flame attack does double damage and 1d4 the round after hitting.

Lesser mummies are almost mindless creatures completely in control of the necromancer who raised them.

Greater mummies were wizards and priests seeking immortality and not undead so much as reanimated. They are at least 6 hit dice. Some can cast spells as a wizard of their level if you use The Black Hack rules. At the start of an adventure greater mummies have only 2 hit points per hit die. They can rapidly increase their hit points by using a life drain ability. To drain life the mummy must grab its victim (Strength save to avoid). If the grab hits on the following round, and until the victim breaks free, the mummy does maximum damage and its hit points are increased by one point per hit die (up to a maximum of 8 points per hit die). Unimportant non-player characters could be considered
killed instantly if grabbed (no benefit to the mummy).

A greater mummy has numerous amulets and charms animating and protecting it. Flame attacks do normal damage. Instead of armor points these charms and their enchanted bandages have a d8 usage die. Each attack forces a usage die roll. The mummy takes no damage until their charms and bandages are depleted. A greater mummy (especially one with access to spells) is a foe worthy of the most experienced troops with heavy weapons or magical resources.

Don't forget to add a few cultists or guards in case your greater mummies get hungry.