Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Numbers Runners Redux

"Captain! Captain!" Sandoval yelled excitedly. She was waving a folder excitedly.

"Yeah," the Captain, also the deck master and busy as hell, looked up from his bill of lading. A vape stick hung from his lip.

"Do you see what the low techies did here?"


"The locals! Their computer went down a week or so ago and they're doing navigation calculations by ... hand I guess or using their brains," Sandoval said.

"That's ... impressive," the Captain allowed slowly. He pondered it a moment and asked, "How do they manage to do it in a timely fashion? They must have to come up with a couple a week at least."

"They're amazing. They have these sort of rulers to figure jump logs. They use these projectors with mathematical designs called nomograms that represent the various jump factors and they got thousands of pages of logarithmic table they look stuff up with. It doesn't even use one computer or any power."

"Hunh. That'd be a great back up if it didn't all take up several staterooms worth of space."

"Well that's the good part sir. I figured out how we could use it," Sandoval puffed out her chest obviously proud of herself. The Captain braced himself for it. It wasn't his first rodeo.

"I got it all on computer disc sir!