Thursday, July 28, 2016

When Spaceships ARE Hotels

It happens sometimes that a wealthy couple will take high passage on a liner. While space travel still has limits in space and comfort, concessions are made for them. You don't make the Baron of Sung climb atop a bunk bed. You don't make Baroness Sung sleep separately. In that case you pull out all the stops and unveil ... the master suite.

So some notes: are the rectangular frames on the walls paintings or displays? Yes. The term painting is archaic and instead the tech elite refer to 'savers. Roll the 'r' and draw out the 'e'. It sounds expensive.

Orange and blue are the default wall and rug color scheme. If you don't like the colors they can be reset. The marble table is actually an interactive sand table allowing passengers to call up media games or productivity programs though most passengers have their own devices.

There's not a lot of storage space, the king size captain's bed and the closet. The passengers have a 1 ton luggage limit usually in sealed carriers in the hold. They only store the thing they need immediately in their suite. Anything else can be fetched by servants (some servants travel in high passage not to throw money around but to allow them room for having a selection of possessions ready for their master's command.

Unfortunately the fresher is still a fresher - shower and a head combined. But the head drops down when not in use. The bathroom mirror can change to clear glass at a touch so no losing your pills behind the spouse's hair care products. It can also show a computer display. Expect at least 8 or more squares of dining and luxuriating enhancement systems for the wealthy power couple.

From TL 8 on consider all systems to be under voice command, keyed to a haughty demanding tone.

Cost for the master suite is 1.5 Mcr. Premium passage is 30,000 cr. or more for one or two (if it's just you then sleep roomy.) Life support is 2000 cr.