Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Labor Relations

Personal Log of Korsa, Captain of the Wanton Courtesan

Talnerassa: That is definitely a Zangid shuttle. The markings are scorched off the hull and the transponder is silent but ... it is a shuttle. there seem to be some modifications made to the fuel and life systems.

Korsa: My father controls this sector. I have had no word from him. I want to know where this shuttle is from. Now.

Talnerassa: Easy. Bizgit and Domo will be back shortly. Do you wish them to report now?

Korsa: No! Maintain cloak. Teleport them back on schedule. Then we will decide how to proceed.

Talnerassa: Aye Captain. Maintaining cloak.


Talnerassa: Ah recall as scheduled.

Korsa: Good.

Kzvita: <<Kzzt! Captain, we got 'em. Fu ... hang on ... >>

Korsa: Report! What happened?

Kzvita: << ... I'm just having trouble working the teleporter with only two hands! We got all three of them ...>>


Kzvita: <<Sssssstt Captain?>>

Talnerassa: On his way to you. Who is the third party we have rescued or captured?

Teleporter Room
Korsa: Klendath!!

Domo: We found only him, salle-Captain. The electronics of the shuttle were fried. We have some partial logs we can try to restore.

Bizgit: Take this tripper pest, salle-Captain please. He is a bootlicker to those with bare feet.

Klendath: Master Xamilar! The great Gid smiles upon me this ...

Korsa: Where is the Vehemence? Where is my father,?!

Domo: Answer the latter question or you may become  a former ... tripper.

Klendath: ... Congratulations! You now lead House Korsa. Praise Giiiuuuuuuurrrrk.

Korsa: Mention the Almighty Gid once more and HE will continue your interrogation! The best thing about your species is that I can choke you with one hand leaving the other hand free to slap you about.

Domo: Intelligent design if you ask me.

Korsa: Slave ... Relations ... Bureau ...


Korsa: You need a mouth to make a complaint. A mouth requires a head. Domo, Bizgit ... take this filth and have Kzvita make sure he has no devices or tools on him. Secure him in the brig until I am ready to speak to him further.

Klendath: Ahuh! Master Xamilar ...

Domo: Salle-Captain does not wish to speak to you. Go now or you get the neurowhip.

Klendath: You really need to read the SRB's pamphlet on ... woopwoopwoop! Going! I'm going!

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