Water, Water Everywhere Part 3

 For our final look at trucking massive amounts of hydrogen to pep up your power plants, jazz your jump drives, master your maneuver drive and ramp up your reaction drives -Ultradense Deuterium (UDD)! Metallic hydrogen may have been created in minute quantities already. UDD blows it away and may always remain fictional. However, as Robert A. Heinlein said everything is impossible till someone does it! Besides, it meets so many properties of space opera fuel! First UDD has a phenomenal density of 100 kg per cubic centimeter or 100,000 tons per cubic meter! Hypothetically, the lovely dense stuff fuses easily under laser beams giving us a fairly easy way to build fusion reactors (a laser and a really strong container) and rockets (the same with a hole in one end). Obviously a small faction of a ship's fuel will be UDD. The stuff is so dense, tanks of it are problematical. In general a tank is about one sixth the mass of the fuel it holds. just dumping UDD in your ship's fuel can

When Do You Become a Privateer?

The Vexing Toad had waited in ambush for a few days. The Shining Credit was scheduled to emerge from jump space within 6 hours. The pirate ship had received the flight plan from a confederate in the Credit's departure system. Another compatriot had relayed it t the Toad.  A jump trace exploded on the Toad's sensor array. The pirate ship immediately powered up and readied weapons with the speed of countless drills and... ... another merchant ship jumped in, then another, and another. The convoy established multiple weapon locks on the Toad. ... the 'hapless' merchant deployed pop up turrets and fired first, a salvo of missiles were inbound! ... the newcomer was not a fat merchant, but a mercenary cruiser loaded for space future bears.  I may have given the impression that free traders and merchants were soft targets for piracy, that it was a question of when, not if they'd be taken by pirates, boarded, looted or otherwise inconvenienced economically. Not quite , or t

Water Water Everywhere Part 2

So I wrote myself into a corner. I was seeking better ways to transport hydrogen and looked into water and methane. They didn't need cryo tech, but weren't any great shakes at shipping the stuff. Now water is quite useful: for drinking, bathing, maintaining humidity. But we need something more efficient for our fuel needs. My friend Ray McVay at Blue Max Studios is of the opinion space opera vessels have fun as dense as dwarf star matter. He likes figuring out stuff like that.  It makes you look at those Star Destroyers and X-Wings in a different light. No wonder they're so 'splodey. However I have two forms of unobtainium that may be obtainium one day. I wrote about one in my Zaonia posts under the brand name Metasol. The plucky Zaonians were TL5-6. they had access to an old junked ship and discovered they could use its reactor to compress hydrogen into its metallic state. Now this mH2 has some very interesting properties.  For one thing, if you achieve the pressure


 So last post I... err built firearms for Classic Traveller -reinventing the wheel so to speak.  There's more... never fear.  Generally speaking, bullets do 3D of damage and have no penetration modifier by themselves. This is modified by the frame of the weapon. Medium longarms are also called assault rifles. Heavy longarms  are battle rifles (or shotguns). A shot shell modifies the range and penetration modifiers as follows: C S M L V.L. Shot Shell Mods 0 0 +3 -5 No Shot shells have Penetration -1 and do one additional die of damage. A shotgun would look like this Large Shotgun: 0/0/+3/-5/No/4D/Slug/Shot Shells, Pen -1 C S M L V.L. Shot Shell Mods 0 0 +3 -5 No Heavy Longarm -4 +1 0 -1 -3 Large Shotgun -4 +1 +3 -6 No Light Shotgun: -4/+1/+1/-9/Non//3D/Slug/Shot Shells Pen -1 Not everyone wants to lug around a big ole shotgun. Some people are strength 3

Gunsmithing: Eyeballing Damage

 The great and sadly late Mr. Loren Wiseman said it in Journal of the Traveller' Aide Society (Vol. 1 Issue 2 page 3) "We don't have room to describe everything. With a little imagination, a little research, and a lot of thought, almost anything can be made compatible with Traveller." Mr Wiseman gave a delightful example of working out a laser pistol from laser carbine stats. I say 'huzzah' to this. Go read it. I'll wait. Here's what I have. I took the range modifiers for the various examples of ironmongery and their range modifiers. You may want to check out my previous post ( Link ).  Range Matrix Weapon Frame C ≤1m S 1-5m M 5-50m L 50-150m V.L. 150 -1000m Notes Snub Nose Pistol +2 +1 -6 No No -1D &  Pen -2 Body pistol Light Pistol +1 +2 -5 No No Pen -1 or 2D Medium Pistol +1 +2 -4 -6 No Auto Pistol Large Pistol +1 +2 -3 -5 No Revolver Sweeper* -4 +2 +1 -4 -6 SMG Light Longarm* -4 +1 -2 -4 -5 Carbine Medium Longarm -4 +1 -1 -3 -4 Pen+1 Rifle Heav

Water, Water Everywhere!

 It's made of the most and third most common elements in the Universe.  It is essential for life-as-we-know-it (TM).  It can be a propellant, radiation shielding or heat sink.  Water! The original beverage of choice. I'm going a little more hard science on this than usual (hah!) which means I looked up some numbers on the web and scanned the Atomic rockets site. Many people bitch  comment about Traveller ships using hydrogen for fuel. Hydrogen weighs 70 kilos per cubic meter or one ton per 13.5 cubic meters. It's a form of measurement. A ship displacing 100 tonnes (volume) will displace 100 tons (mass) of liquid hydrogen. We will specify displacement (volume) with dtonsGo ahead, dip your Scout ship in an ocean of liquid hydrogen. I will wait. Anyway some people feel schlepping your H around as liquid H in inefficient. Why not use water instead and electrolyze it as you need hydrogen? Seems legit. A couple problems though. Water is heavy compared to liquid H. A Scout ship

Ship Dossier: Launches

Ship Dossier: Launches
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