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Design Feature

The Zangid Stinger Fighter was piloted only by Marines as it was initially to be employed as a ground attack craft. Partway through development an enterprising Dreiped tech found a way to drastically reduce the size of the beam cannon at the cost of more maintenance and expanse and decreased reliability and the Stinger became a space superiority fighter.  Decreased reliability meant that the beam cannon overheated and exploded destroying the fighter 3% of the time due to heat build up. The development team insisted this was a design feature encouraging the pilots to get in close before firing and have a chance to gretaer damage to the enemy ship by exploding 3% of the time and suggested awarding posthumous medals in advance as an incentive. Admiral Apsa Sanaa Ulla Arslan Sissee had the following to say: "The designers failed to realize Marines were crazy, not stupid. They were patriotic but awarding posthumous medals in advance was a bit beyond the pale. Now advanced death benefit