*'s in SpaaaaaAaaaace

 A lot of SF (including a certain 2D6 RPG grandaddy) deal with ancient aliens taking humans from Earth and dropping them, fleas and all, on one or more worlds that did nothing to deserve it. The intent was to give us more diverse people to play with. I call BS though.

Why the hell would you want to choose humans?

Alien A: I just think they've weathered ice ages, floods and volcanism, maybe put ta few somewhere else to keep them from going extinct.

Alien B: I dunno. They either runaway when we show ourselves, throw pointy sticks at us or fall on the ground to worship us. It's awkward.

Alien A: We can tranq them from the air. No awkwardness or risk.

Alien B: Before we finalize this, what about these guys?!

Alien A: OoooooOooooh!

What about dolphins? Smart AF. Serial rapists (No one is perfect) and unable to manipulate anything. They deserve a planet away from polluting primates. 

Octopuses (it's octopi in Greek, I'm writing in English)? The smartest of the invertebrates and could probably achieve true sentience if a benefactor increased their longevity. They possess chameleon like control over their color and form, could certainly manipulated things, unlike those horny mammals. There DNA shows signs of adapting in a single individual to changing conditions. 

In fact, maybe they were already placed here by those aliens a long time ago?


  1. I think in more than one old SF book they hint that Earth might not be the original planet. That we were seeded here as well.

    1. That's true in Larry Niven's Known Space books. Humans are descended from Pak whose protectors all died. I don't think that really squares with the fossil evidence, though.

  2. Actually it'd be "octopodes" in Greek (octo = eight , podes = feet)


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