Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Next Level

I've been trying to get to the next level in rp and wondering how to go about it. Understand I'm talking about my actual play, not a game character. I've met some lovely, lovely players on a text based MUSH. I plan to run some games for them if they wish on Hangouts or Roll 20. But after a hiatus of several years I'm looking at how I play and wondering what I can do to make other people want to play with me.

Characters have it easy. The way they improve is usually spelled out in the game books. I have to make it up as I go along. Obviously I need more experience i.e. doing more scenes with other players. I also need to learn some more MUSH coding. But beyond that I'm adjusting my style of play in a refereeless game as follows:

1) when I pitch a scene to someone I try to see it from their POV. How can I create a scene where their character is a valued part?

This is something I used to do as a GM without a second thought. As a player among equals I have to remember that we are all responsible for each other's enjoyment.

2) How can I show my character in an interesting light? I should make others want to play with me. I need to play off their chars in a dramatic fashion, find new takes on my character, and make him 'pop'.

3) Am I being a twink? Fair question. Showing off your character is one thing. remember not to let him overshadow the others just because there is no ref. have a good idea of your limits and those of others to be fair about what you say is happening when it is your turn to play God.

Have I done all this? Not all the time, not yet. I'm still between levels.