Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Only Sci Fi Cliches You'll Ever Need Pt. 4

Presenting the Last Installment of Every Sci Fi Cliche You'll Ever Need. This is from the thread at RPGNet. I suggest you check it out.

Kirby Near Gods (sensing cosmic threats, embodying a single concept to extremes, inscrutable, appearing in a large explosion, surviving space and nearly anywhere else with your cape flapping in a metaphorical wind, universal translator, ancient lore, being unkillable)

Time Wizard (knowing about nearly everything in space, navigating the time stream, regenerating mortal injuries, turning junk into wondrous inventions)

F---less Alien (It doesn't matter. They don't do anything and nothing really bothers them.)

Proud Warrior of the Empire (swordplay, shooting it out, brawling, biting, being stoic in the face of pain and itchy uniforms, arcane rituals of endurance and courage, code of honor lore, boarding actions)

Mysterious Alien (showing up unannounced, leaving when you blink, being inscrutable, causing security systems to FAIL)

Space Vampire (draining the life of sentients, popping up unseen, hypnotizing sentients, appearing like the Universe's gift to romance, tri-sexual [will 'tri' anything], mysterious and temporary death, scary face when pissed off)

Notzi (shooting it out, spying, keeping excellent records of tyranny, setting up death traps)

Space Roman (swordplay, logistics and supplies, drunken orgies, organization, keeping  low profile)

Evil Methane Breather (torture, dissection, inhuman experimentation, tentacle attacks)

Giger Hunter (tracking bugs, trapping bugs, avoiding bugs, hiding, flame weapons, motion detectors, keeping cool)

Places and Things
War Eternal (grunt squads of fighters, enormous dreadnoughts, minefields, waves of boarding shuttles, fired and forgotten drones)

Giant Computer Planet (knowing everything, hidden data caches, processing incredible amounts of information, analyzing and predicting)

Spacethulhu (eldritch horror, hiding in non-euclidean nooks and crannies of space, blasting sanity, epic destruction)