Monday, September 1, 2014

Addenda to Vehicles

One of the techniques I like to use in my Old School homebrews is the idea of giving people dials to fine tune the rules to their setting.  Of course I forgot to include this in my post yesterday.

As a bizarre example you might want a combat system where an adventurer with a laser carbine could torch an M-60 tank (you need a laser rifle for a M-1.) It's your game. I'm not an authority and back inna day we all switched stuff around to suit us anyway.

The standard vehicles from Book 3 would look like this in my rules writeup

Air/raft: mesh-2
Air/raft: Mesh -2
Speeder: Civilian Mesh -1
GCarrier: Armored Combat -4
Ground Car: Civilian Mesh -2
W-ATV: Ruggedized Cloth -4
T-ATV: Ruggedized Cloth -4
W-AFV: Ruggedized Cloth -4
T-AFV: Ruggedized Cloth -4
Biplane: Civilian Mesh -3
Fixed Wing: Civilian Mesh -3
Helicopter: Civilian Mesh -1

Hovercraft: Civilian Mesh -3
Remember that DMs in CT modify the die throw, not the number you need. Cloth +1 is easier to hit than Cloth for example.

The modifiers to the armor are based on the size of the vehicle and its type as follows:
Motorcycle -1
Ground Car -2
Hummer/Van -3
Truck -4

Aircraft +1
Rotor craft +2
Hovercraft +1
Grav Vehicle 0
Ground 0
HighSpeed +1
Water Craft -1
High Performance +1

Finally keep in mind that a shot that hits a vehicle might damage it in ways not immediately apparent. For example the sucker with that snub pistol you ran over might have put a hole in your truck's oil pan. Optionally any shot, even one that didn't make its damage roll could cause some minor problem like taking out a headlight or windshield wiper.

Here are some vehicles adventurers might encounter using the system above for armor:
Kart: Civilian Mesh -1 (dune buggy sized vehicle for moving loads short distances.)
Hopper: Ruggedized Cloth -2 (enclosed air/raft.)
Sportscar: Civilian Mesh -1 (Vrooooooooom!)
Truck: Civilian Mesh -4 
Armored Car: Ruggedized Cloth -3 (Brink's, not SWAT)
GEV: Ruggedized Cloth -3 (hovercraft optimized for ground travel)