Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dark and Strange Matters

The Triangulum II galaxy got me thinking about my NBEs. Ghosts to you readers arriving late to the party. Triangulum II is a tiny galaxy, its luminosity is 450 times that of the Sun. After examining the orbital velocity of this galaxy astronomers computed the mass as ... 2 million times the mass of the Sun. Our astronomers say this is due to huge amounts of dark matter. What if the same holds true for the world of living biological beings we can directly observe and the realm of the NBEs? For every 450 humans there are 2 million ghosts waiting to get interactive.

In a previous post I mentioned how a FTL drive might work drilling through the normal space surface of a hyper-dimensional sphere and referred to this as the fragile shell of reality. Now it seems the shell might be a lot thinner than even I expected.

Humans have returned to space and the stars in my Ghost Drive setting. Are they setting themselves up for another fatal fall? Other spacefaring races have not been encountered yet. What if the NBEs themselves are the great filter? Races find them, interact with them and are destroyed by them.

So some may call for the abandonment of FTL and fast interplanetary travel, which is the basis of trillions of credits in trade, freighting and colonization efforts. What do you think the humans will choose to do?

Even now the brave men and women who spend time in orbit return with symptoms of rapid aging. Is it all from zero gravity? Earth bound spirits are supposed to be bad enough but it seems the NBEs are everywhere. We are far more bound to gravity than they are.

It is a deeper, darker universe than we ever dreamt of.