Solar Sagas! SoSa (not SS please)

 Omer Golan-Joel gave me the fantastic opportunity to write for him and his marketing skills and connections to advertise my books. My first major book is Solar Sagas, using the Quantum Starfarer rules.

You see I grew up on the cusp of a new age. As a child people could talk about life on Mars -possible human-like. Venus had dinosaurs or lizard people. The Solar System was populated before this space probes were sent out and we started to learn about how terrible the real estate rally was around Earth. 

Solar Sagas introduces a living Solar System. I've populated it out to Jupiter with various aliens. Jump in your rocket, strap in and blast off for adventure, trade and exploration! 

Terrans are very much the new guys in town. The Martians, the Ganymedans and possibly others explored before them and eventually turned inward for various reasons. The humans may lack experience but they also lack baggage. They can be the go between sparking trade between rivals. they are uniquely suited to exploit Venus and Mercury, which the older species found dangerous due to heat, radiation, and atmospheres.

Sometimes the humans go where they shouldn't. The old timers aren't here to babysit them.

Solar Sagas give you a wealth of characters, ships, technology, locations, and intrigue. I try to put RP hooks in every character, location or thing I introduce. I go for gaming content, not crunch or fluff. Give it a try. Pick any three pages, find an adventure hoo n each and combine to make an adventure. As you read about the locals (all come with stats, motivation, and means) you'll say, "Oh this rocket racer is primed to be blackmailed to endorse the crooked politician. And here's a reporter to investigate the whole matter that the group could help. Or hinder. 

Thirty pages of the book is a brand spanking new system to design and operate your own rockets. The rules are similar the Quantum Starfarer's. The construction is pretty quick. A fast ship requires propellant that will cost you mass for various systems. Rocket builders all have choices to make, not t the point of indecision.

Give Solar Sagas a try. Explore the planets. Or if the scientific inaccuracy bothers you, go with your FTL, reactionless drives and humanoid aliens moved to other star systems.


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