Friday, October 16, 2015

The Face of Good

As you know I never let a good idea go when I can wring a few posts out of it. Evil overlords get a lot of the attention. I gave the loyal lieutenant some (evil) love. Every rebellion has a leader to keep it on track. How much time is spent in defining this person? Almost zip. Who got more time in the Star Wars movies, Palpatine or Mon Mothma? But a leader will define the shape a rebellion takes and its success. Here are a few things to think about when you create your rebel leader.

Why are they leading the good guys?

What made your leader decide to take up the struggle against the regime? Were they wronged? Did they lose a family member to injustice? Were they just no longer able to turn a blind eye to the sordid acts of the Leader?

What kind of leader are they?

Does the head of the rebellion run the military or is he a politician? If he is a politician how much does he interfere with the military and if he's a strategist how much does he interfere with the civilian government? For that matter what is their standing with other rebel leaders? Is he liked, disliked, respected or close to being fired? For that matter how experienced a leader are they? A military type might be great at leading a battalion but have to learn strategy as the rebellion progresses and lose some initial battles.

What are their methods?

I'm talking more morals than military vs. political moves. Will there be deals with smugglers and gangsters to keep money and blasters flowing? Will allies be accepted without regard for the way they treat their own people? If there is violence is it the first course or a last resort? What will these leader do to continue the struggle? If you want to get really grim and gritty your leader might endorse (or order) attacks on civilian targets.

What are their plans when (if) they win?

Does you leader intend on running the show after the regime is overthrown? Are they strictly in this to stop the Evil Overlord and then planning to retire to a nice sunny world that is all beach (what the hell we have mountain worlds, desert worlds and such. There must be a world that's all prime coastline)? Or are they in it for rewards (financial or otherwise) and looking for a place to enjoy them?