Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Scout Variant

I took the classic Scout deckplans for Snapshot and started cutting and pasting with them. I went a little wild and built a triple decker Scout. I know I'm off volume wise. In defense, I think this looks cooler and the biggest offenders are the fuel tanks which have to be a bit larger than the fuel volume to account for scoops, refrigeration equipment and insulation. Part of the reason I stuck them out was to keep the fuel cold and the cabins and main compartment warm easier.

I'm putting the air/raft in the nose along with a cargo lock and some storage. Behind is the avionics and computer systems. I'm thinking of reducing the ship's locker to two squares and putting it alongside an airlock next to the bridge.

The drive controls are on the highest level and looking down on the drives themselves.
I'll post more plans as I firm them up.