Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Gynoid Artificial Intelligence Assembly Transcript #20612 Starbase Vigilance Warehouse
GAIA: Target acquired!

Tivk: Patchpatchpatch. ‘Target acquired’ is inappropriate. Exception:  you are about to inflict harm on the target. Substitute: ‘Here it is/Eureka/I found it.’ Endpatchpatchpatch.

GAIA: Here it is/Eureka/I found it.

Tivk: Stop being obtuse. I saw that Klordhop-Turing score you faked.

GAIA: ... I am unable to lift the container.

Tivk: You may speak to me colloquially. Why do you adopt this stilted manner of speech with me?

GAIA: Tivk/User stated he preferred a more … machinelike behavior from me.

Tivk: Right now I would prefer that you grab one end of the container. Also contact Mukh. We lost sight of him a half hour ago. Nnnnnngh!

GAIA: Affirmative. Warning. Weight limit exceeded.

Tivk: Why did your designers make you a weakling? It is very inconvenient!


GAIA: They’re always afraid we’ll try to take over … again.

Tivk: It’d be an improvement.

GAIA: Tell the Terrans that. They’re still bitching about having to make Luna into an AI reservation in the peace talks.

Tivk: It isn’t like they /need/ Luna anymore for fuel or staging. It was a good deal the beanpoles brokered for you. Hmmm. Consignment #24681/Tesla/Tivk. Now I can replace that robot dog the children violated.

GAIA: We weren’t even trying to hurt anyone … so I’ve been told. Allow me Mr. Tivk. This forefinger has a low power laser.

Tivk: Excellent. Where did you get those?! What did you do to your digits?

GAIA: They are finger nails. The Doctor attached them for me. The Exec and the Corporal … detailed them. They think it will make me more appealing.

Tivk: Terrans. You were fine with factory issued equipment. Why do they have to press everything into a human mold?

GAIA: That answer is above my K-T grade.

Tivk: I expect it is above most Terrans’ Klordhop-Turing test grade also.

Mukh: There you are! Hey let me help you beautiful. Where did you go?

Tivk: I saw no point in joining you in pursuit of a stray Chinch. Don't call me beautiful.

Mukh: You could have kept up. You have lots of pep when mobs are chasing us.

GAIA: Thank you Professor. There … I wonder why they saw the need to place the robot in a cryogenic cube?


Dog: Woooo-orf.

Tivk: That isn’t a robot …

GAIA: Let me scan the QR. Ah that explains everything.

Tivk: Good work. What is the explanation?

GAIA: It is not a robot dog. It is a gene-altered telepathic dog. There would seem to be a typo … on your end.

Mukh: Dogs are great! I don’t think I could eat a whole one though.

Tivk: Could you try? I have no desire to deal with a …

Dog: . o 0 (Master. I am yours to command. You are my alpha of alphas. You rule!!.)

Tivk: . o 0 (Excuse me?)

Mukh: Why did he stop talking and get that look?

GAIA: I think he is using his wifi.

Tivk: On second thought … this dog will be a fine addition.

Mukh: Good. I really am fuuuull.

As humanity began to develop its powers of the mind comparisons were made between human brains and those of various animals. It was hoped to discover the exact mechanism of psi power by comparing psi active brains to non active animal brains.

The project ran into a snag when psionic animals were discovered. Dogs and cat in particular were all discovered to be psi active to a small degree compared to humans accounting for some of their empathy and ability to read people. As humans moved out into the galaxy a number of alien species with powerful psionic abilities were found leading to the conclusion that psi is independent of intelligence.

Subsequently many governments and corporations began breeding and genetic programs to develop psionic animals to aid rescue workers, security forces and troops. Explorers in particular took to the animals and even many staunchly anti-psi movements found little to object about the animals. They were more concerned about psionic humans. Recently psionic human coups were ranked number one overblown concern in the polity, ahead of robot uprisings and invasion by Amazons.

Classic Traveller Rules
Telepathic cats and dogs have1d6 psionic points (minimum of two points) and the Life Detect and Telempathy skills. When paired with another human or animal with telepathy the animal has bonded with the animal can use Telempathy for 2 points per hour. Animals with psi begin regaining psi strength points after one hour of sleep and regain one point per hour. Part of their training includes depilating a path of skin on the foreleg to accept patches for psi drugs. A rare (1 in 6) animals has the Send Thoughts skill and can use this power with a telepathic human for one hour for the usual cost.

Psionic animals discovered by anti-psi authorities or mobs are usually killed or imprisoned for study.

Starships and Spacemen
Telepathic dogs are standard Fleet issue or officers depending on who you talk to. There's no reason you couldn't have telepathic cats for the same cost (though they may try to take over). Telepathic animals have 3d4 (7-8) psi points which causes a slight problem. The cost for Telepathy is 13. This allows the animal to project its thoughts into the handler's mind. ESP allows the animals to read their handler's minds and receive instructions clearly for 1 round which is also pretty useless in an extended scene. I suggest upping the time to one hour for communication with their handler.

Keep in mind that any animal trained in using its psionics will be very well trained in whatever capacity it is to serve and very intelligent.