Friday, January 29, 2016

This Is Not ... an Air/Raft

In My post on Scout ships I urged people to make modifications to the ship the Scout service unloaded loans their ubiquitous retired Scout character. One of the easiest ways to this is to start at the air/raft. To put it simply not every Scout ship has to be outfitted with them. Some ships have other vehicles more suited to the roles they undertook. Switching your vehicle with another Scout ship's is considered a high form of humor. At least if you're trading up. All these vehicles are four tons and will fit into the standard berth on any Scout ship. A small berth to hot bunking s included. Any armor they possess is incidental much like the air/raft's.

Go/Cart: Mounting  a TL 9 fusion plant the go/cart has a month's endurance. It holds a driver and three passengers (up to four more passengers with overcrowding). There are provisions for one dTon of internal cargo or equipment such as lab gear. A small fresher is also standard equipment since holding it for a month is a lot to ask even of a Scout. The go/cart uses a standard wheeled suspension with individual motors for each wheel and can hit a top speed of 150 kph on roadways. Cruise speed on roads or flat terrain is 100 kph, dropping to 40 kph or lower in rough terrain. Cost 300,000 cr.

Unlike its larger cousin the go/cart can navigate most city streets easily and without damaging the roadways. It can use most groundcar facilities for repairs to anything but the fusion plant. The go/cart is enclosed allowing protection from the elements unlike the air/raft but is not air tight and won't get you to orbit.

Rotor/raft: The rotor/raft is a helicopter that trades endurance for speed. Rotor/rafts have a cruise speed of 200 kph and a maximum speed of 300 kph and an endurance of 2 hours. They require a pilot and can hold four passengers with minimal cargo space. they fit into the standard air/raft berth but have their rotors folded for storage. Readying the rotor/raft for flight takes about 15 minutes. The rotor/raft is more maneuverable than a grav vehicle and capable of higher speeds though not as stable (especially when hovering) and requires a world with atmospheres of at least thin density. they are also noisy compared to gravitic drives. They use hydrocarbon fuels. Cost 15,000 credits

Quad/Rides: Scouts that often perform courier services to urban worlds often trade their air/rafts for quad/rides. Small, rugged and versatile the vehicles can hold an operator and a passenger riding behind them (and holding on tight). they easily negotiate city streets or the corridors of a large space station and are often outfitted with small trailers that can carry up to a quarter ton of cargo. A air/raft berth will hold four quad/rides. Quad/rides have an endurance of a day and require recharges. Cost 4,000 Cr.

Slo/Cart: The slo/cart trades the go/cart's fresher and one passenger space for armor. The slo/cart can easily withstand large calibre automatic fire (AV 8 if you're using Vehicles supplement see below) and is invulnerable to most small arms fire from slug throwers or even lasers. Drive  is a standard tracked system. It has a cruise speed of 80 kph and a maximum speed of 100 kph. Its cross country speed is up to 40 kph. Slo/carts are often used on Scout bases located in volatile areas. Those in active duty may have a VRF gauss gun or Ram grenade launcher installed. Cost 305,000 cr.

In addition to occasionally being 'borrowed' by other Scouts all these vehicles get modified in the field. A lot. These often take the form of added sensors systems like radiation detectors, atmosphere testers, radar detectors. The Scouts usually do not let weapons remain on these vehicles but often leave nonlethal goodies in place for their retiring brethren. What's that? Secret compartments? I never said Scouts would build secret compartments in their vehicles.

I modded or built these vehicles using the Vehicles supplement by Joe Mauloni which is available on COTI or the Zhodani Base. I also tweaked a few things because it's my blog. Enjoy your new rides.