Friday, July 22, 2016

After Hours

GCS Tesla Medical Section
Chief: Hey Technical Officer, you’re looking good.

Lt.: Oh hey Chief. Uh thanks for everyth …

Chief: Nonsense. Nonsense. You had the situation under control. If the Exec wasn’t hung up on procedure she could have let you finished the job after you recovered your wits.

Lt.: Well thanks anyway! What brings you here?


Doc: What are you doing in here you rabid over the hill gun bunny?

Chief: None of your concern. Go back to your inventory. Here’s a tip, take your socks off for counting reeeeeeeeal high.

Doc: Haha. Hey, I put some stickers on your space helmet’s visor so you’d stop bumping your nose on it Why are you here again?

Chief: Someone has to look out for the Tech-O. You’re likely to use him in some mad scientist antics.

Doc: I’ll give you a mad scientist if you aren’t out of here in ten minutes.

Chief: What if I’m not?

Doc: I’ll get Riasi to throw you out.

Chief: You let your girl fight your scraps for you?

Doc: … she gets bored otherwise.

Chief: You’re a thoughtful mate. You’ll make her a wonderful wife.

Doc: Ten. Minutes.

Chief: Okay! Give us some privacy!


Lt.: Sheesh.

Chief: He’s a good doctor he just worries too much about a little vacuum. You punkin’ heads are a worrisome lot. Anyway, I come to share a drink with you, as you had your first blow out. Here ya go …

Lt: <sniff> What is it? Not vacc jack?

Chief: It’s a fine whiskey sour.

Lt.: Oh okay … <koff kaff ahuh!>

Chief: … made with the finest vacc jack.

Lt.: Smoooooth. <Ahuh!>

Chief: Yeah, now you’re going to want to do some maintenance on the ship’s still before you start it up. Cook will help you with the exact ingredients. I’ll show you where the still is.

Lt.: Still?! The Captain …

Chief: Captain gets the first bottle that don’t melt. Rank has its privileges.

Lt.: But the Exec …

Chief: She don’t drink. Though I tried teaching her. When you get up and about I’ll give you a tour of the brewery.

Lt.: We have a brewery?

Chief: Time you learned about economics. Don’t need to worry. I’ll get you off and running. I’ll see ya when you get out. Oh and one other thing … How did you manage to cut open your finger with a wrench?

Lt.: … It took some doing!

Chief: Good night Lieutenant, oh take a good look and … don’t get used to it.

Lt.: Look … oh gosh.

Chief: Are you going to return my salute, sir?

Lt. Sure. Here you go Sergeant Major and goodnight to you.

Chief: Yes sir.


Lt.: Holy crap.


GAIA: Thank goodness. I thought they’d never clear out of here.

Lt.: How long were you hiding in that locker?

GAIA: Long enough. The Chief saluted you!

Lt.: Yeah. Impressed?

GAIA: No. … I think I can do better.

Lt.: You’re welcome to try. Come here ...

GAIA: Heeheehee.


Mukh: Lieutenant! I love the Lieutenant! He’s in here boys! You said he was gonna be blue, beanpole!

Lt: Ngaaaaaaaargh!

Mukh: Is red a good color in a human?!