Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hostage Situation

Security Transcript Liberty Starbase
Sergeant: Stay sharp. They're coming out of the brig.

Security: What the ...

Tivk: Do not shoot.

Saltornus: Don't listen to him. Open fire you gutless clock watchers.

Sergeant: Mr. Tivk, you are aware it is the usual practice in situations like this for the eh ... villain of the piece to use the hostage as a shield and not walk with the hostages behind him?

Security: THis way does make it easier. Yu want me to shoot him?

Sergeant: No! I don't know what his game is. Let's listen.

Tivk: Indeed. The admiral is a Videni deep cover agent. He is seeking honorable death at our hands and I do not wish to oblige him for a number of reasons. Mukh, do you have things in hand?

Mukh: I do. The pistol is set to stun ... not even heavy stun. He tries anything and ... absolutely nothing lasting will happen to him.

Saltornus: Shoot him you idiot beach apes!!

Sergeant: I don't know ... if he is a Videni he could have rigged himself to explode or something. Who knows? He may be rigged to self destruct. I heard they do that. Come no closer!

Tivk: I will comply.

Sergeant: Or you could have God knows what plan that hinges on us shooting you. With this set up either you're telling the truth about Saltornus or you are a Videni yourself. If Saltornus is a Videni then everything is as you present it. So we shouldn't shoot you. If you are the Videni again I should not shoot you because we need you alive to question and you may have some explosive or other device to inflict harm on the station and my men.

Tivk: For a human you are quite rational.

Sergeant: Don't shoot him. What about the admiral's guard he shot up?

Security: Still operating on him. He'll live but he'll be out of it a few hours.

Sergeant: Excuse me a minute. I have to process this.

Tivk: You are a wise man. Go right ahead.

Saltornus: Oh for. ...

Security: What about the Phrog?

Sergeant: We can shoot him.

Mukh: Hey!!

Sergeant: Take the shot.

<<Stun pyew!!!>>

Saltornus: Ngaaahhh!!

Security: What's the admiral ...

Sergeant: He's got a suicide capsule!

Mukh: I got this!

<<Stun pyew!!>>

Saltornus: ... meep!

Mukh: Silly Videni. I'm a Hykot. You need more than one shot to stun me.

Tivk: Indeed.

Sergeant: Fuck me. The second in command is a beanpole too ... we have to round up all senior officers who might be Videni. Who does that leave in charge of the station?

Security: ... you Sergeant.

Sergeant: Fuck me once again! Send a recall to the Tesla and Concordance ASAP. We need some brass here to settle this fustercluck!

Tivk: May I move now?

Sergeant: You stay there! I have about a hundred things to get to before I deal with you!